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Family Time – March 18 2019

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Clues Answers
”… and ___ the opposite shore…” ION
”Fore” site TEE
”Well, ___ be!” ILL
”What ___ can I say?” ELSE
”Yippee!” HOORAY
32,000 ounces TON
500-sheet unit of paper REAM
A little of this, a little of that OLIO
Actor’s pride ROLE
Add to the kitty ANTE
Ax handle HAFT
Bank transaction DEPOSIT
Bawl SOB
Be faulty? ERR
Beginning ADVENT
Blooming loop LEI
Cajun cooking pod OKRA
Conceited VAIN
Damage slightly MAR
Debatable, as a point MOOT
Defeat by a hair EDGE
Dewey Decimal ___ (library feature) SYSTEM
Enemy or competition FOE
Eras expert HISTORIAN
Held for a time HAD
Holy book BIBLE
Imposing building EDIFICE
In ___ of (replacing) LIEU
Insignificant amount IOTA
It covers little piggies BOOTEE
It may be fresh or polluted AIR
It’s made at an auction BID
Jewelry, in slang BLING
Kennel sound YAP
Kuwaiti prince EMIR
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Make eyes (at) LEER
Miss Piggy’s neckwear BOA
Needing companionship LONELY
One of the Bridges clan BEAU
Opposite of live DIE
Passing announcement? OBIT
Perceive DESCRY
Perfect, as one’s skills HONE
Polyester used in casting ALKYD
Pro driver CHAUFFEUR
Pub serving ALE
Runs off at the mouth GABS
Sailor’s milieu SEA
Settle on the tarmac LAND
Showroom model DEMO
Soothe, as worries ALLAY
Store opening time, often NINE
Support a scofflaw ABET
Time between birthdays YEAR
Time delay LAG
Tree decorated in December FIR
Tupperware top LID
Use a hand shuttle TAT
Volatile solvent ACETONE
Washington and ___ University LEE
Wedding reception speaker TOASTER
___ carte ALA
___ Hill (San Fran neighborhood) NOB