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Family Time – March 31 2019

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Clues Answers
“Don’t ___ think about it!” EVEN
“Fine” studies ARTS
“Legal” opener PARA
“Little Bo-Peep ___ lost …” HAS
“Open 24 hours” sign material, often NEON
“Wizard of Oz” character material TIN
“___ many cooks …” TOO
Again, from the beginning ANEW
Anger IRE
Animal pouch SAC
Approximation ESTIMATE
Ashen WAN
Asian appetizer SATAY
At the center of AMID
Back-to-health regimen REHAB
Be faulty? ERR
Between white and black GRAY
Beverage steeped in the sun TEA
Brightly colored salamander NEWT
Candied tuber YAM
Chore TASK
Circus area RING
Cold weather wear CASHMERE
Curved BENT
Formerly, to a poet ERE
Great lack DEARTH
Had more than a feeling KNEW
Hoover, for one DAM
Informal claim DIBS
Intrepid DARING
It can be good, bad or bright IDEA
Large cask TUN
Life vest filler KAPOK
Like a turkey’s wattle SAGGY
Male with whiskers TOMCAT
Material for trousers GABARDINE
Miss Piggy wears one BOA
Neither’s partner NOR
On-off connector AND
Opposite of eve MORN
Organ of hearing EAR
Plant’s beginning SEED
Propelled oneself on the lake SWAM
Put together, as a book BIND
Recede to the sea EBB
Regret RUE
Related AKIN
Root in Hawaiian cuisine TARO
Sailor’s “yes” AYE
Soap unit BAR
Soprano’s solo ARIA
Sound from a grass eater MOO
Sound quality TONE
Stockholm’s country SWEDEN
Take to the slopes SKI
Time long past YORE
Took the bus RODE
Top dog at work BOSS
Travis Scott genre RAP
Type of drum SNARE
Verse on a vase ODE
Wavy lines, in the comics ODOR
What therapists offer TREATMENT
Where bees be beeing HIVE
Zoo attraction APE
___ A Sketch ETCH