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Family Time – March 4 2019

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Clues Answers
“Absolutely!” SURE
“Bravo, bullfighter!” OLE
“Don’t change it,” to an editor STET
“I’d like some ___!” TOO
“Major” constellation URSA
“What ___ you up to?” ARE
180 degrees from west EAST
20500, for the White House ZIP
Abstainer’s opposite USER
Add years to one’s life AGE
Affirmative YES
Ballerina’s skirt TUTU
Big name in pineapples DOLE
Brown soda COLA
Cain’s victim ABEL
Canines DOGS
Clive of movies OWEN
Club leader? GLEE
Costa ___ Sol DEL
Creek croaker TOAD
Day saver HERO
Dazzling display ECLAT
Electrician, at times WIRER
Food gelling agent AGAR
Get married WED
Give a new version of, as a story RETELL
Greenish-blue hue CYAN
Hawaiian gift LEI
Heavenly protector (2 words) GUARDIANANGEL
Here-there link NOR
Hodgepodge OLIO
Huge dirt and mud scooper DREDGE
Mr. Kringle KRIS
Not hers HIS
Not involved in a cover-up? NUDE
Not polite at all RUDE
Old Russian ruler CZAR
Overplay a scene EMOTE
Overseas dollar EURO
Part of a blade EDGE
Part of a fishing rod REEL
Perform in a movie ACT
Possessed HAD
President William Howard TAFT
Puts to work USES
Reason to miss work ILLNESS
Shoemaker’s punching device AWL
Slithery, skinny fishes EELS
Small metric measurement CENTIMETER
Speak TALK
Survey a second time REMAP
The stuff of summer HEAT
Tolkien being ELF
Two-syllable foot IAMB
Type of code AREA
Uniform shade KHAKI
Wander aimlessly (2 words) KNOCKABOUT
Was a substitute (2 words) STOODIN
Water park feature CHUTE
Water, for a water gun AMMO
Webpage money makers ADS
Wrap around the neck? BOA
Written poetic tribute ODE
___ Glory (U.S. flag) OLD