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Family Time – May 12 2019

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Clues Answers
”Brady Bunch” girl JAN
”Famous” entrepreneur Wally of cookies AMOS
”Fee, fi, fo, fum” caller OGRE
”Great” English river OUSE
AC-to-DC device ADAPTER
Alter the appearance of REDO
American dogwood OSIER
As an alternative INSTEAD
At this time, a long time ago NOWADAYS
Awkward person LOUT
Belt maker’s tool AWL
Bossy’s banter MOO
Broke one’s bet IOU
Colonel Mustard’s board game CLUE
Color lightly TINT
Convenient place to shop MART
Cross-country runner? SKI
Cruisers on the beat (2 words) PATROLCARS
Damage a surface MAR
Dud of an idea NONSTARTER
Emanating glow AURA
F and G, on a piano KEYS
Family man DAD
Fizzy drink SODA
Fox home DEN
Give birth, on the farm CALVE
Gold ball balancer TEE
Grand Cherokee, for one SUV
Grove fruit ORANGE
Half a score TEN
He’s no gentleman CAD
High-protein bean SOYA
In the distance AFAR
Inopportune ILLTIMED
Isn’t selfish SHARES
It’s for openers? DOOR
Kind of list TODO
Legal opener PARA
Male swine HOGS
Margery of a children’s rhyme DAW
Member of the clergy PARSON
Modern martial art JUDO
Monopoly board abbr AVE
Mythical Ra (2 words) SUNGOD
Nailed on a slant TOED
Nicholas I was one TSAR
Not take ”no” for an answer INSIST
One of Columbus’ ships NINA
One’s successor? TWO
Player of a certain huge instrument CELLIST
Previously owned, as a vehicle USED
Saddle part CANTLE
Sci-fi craft UFO
Seeing ___ dog EYE
Some short buses MINIS
Stir up sediment ROIL
Stop sitting STAND
Title for a orchestra conductor MAESTRO
Unknown quote source, for short ANON
Vending machine hole SLOT
Wife of Adam EVE
Word from the pews AMEN