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Family Time – May 13 2018

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Clues Answers
“America the Beautiful” color AMBER
“Buona ___” (Italian greeting) SERA
“Do ___ others …” UNTO
3-3 score, for example TIE
Animal pouch SAC
Apple source TREE
Authoritative command BEHEST
Basilica area APSE
Blackthorn berry SLOE
Border on ABUT
Caesar’s robe TOGA
Card with three pips TREY
Chilling experience? AGUE
Christmastime YULE
Compound in “western” ESTER
Court WOO
Creature with fleece EWE
Dermatology problem ACNE
Digit that bends TOE
Drill a hole in BORE
Drink freshener ICE
Enchanting story TALE
Enjoy a book READ
Film on vacationing TRAVELOG
Fore and ___ AFT
Green gemstone JADE
Green or lima thing BEAN
Harsh, like a storm SEVERE
Having existed from the beginning PRIMEVAL
Highest point ACME
Historical period ERA
Hole-punching tool AWL
Ideal ending? ISM
Large container for ashes URN
Clues Answers
Luxurious coat FUR
Microscope part LENS
Nearly all MOST
Neck back NAPE
Neither’s partner NOR
Office leader BOSS
Opposite of flat, in music SHARP
Pass another 365 days AGE
PC memory unit BYTE
Powerful card ACE
Prop for a golfball TEE
Quick punch JAB
Ruler’s length FOOT
Seldom seen RARE
Sharer’s pronoun OURS
Skeleton part BONE
Sketch DRAW
Something the drummer keeps TEMPO
Sprinted RAN
Spruce oneself up PREEN
Stare at rudely LEER
State positively AVER
Sword handle HAFT
Tenure TERM
Thin piece of wood SLAT
Twins share it DNA
U-turn from less MORE
U-turn from love HATE
U-turn from pro CON
U-turn from wealthy POOR
U-turn from work PLAY
What active volcanos do ERUPT
Wild animal track SPOOR
Word that scares BOO