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Family Time – May 13 2019

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Clues Answers
”And now, without further ___…” ADO
”Hang ___ your hats” ONTO
”Long, long ___” AGO
”Speak your piece” piece OPED
”What ___ can I say?” ELSE
4:00 refreshment, to some TEA
A little resistance? OHM
About to happen IMMINENT
Alpine navigator IBEX
Alter the appearance of REDO
Ardor ELAN
Bambi’s aunt, e.g DOE
Bassoon, for one REED
Bathroom door word MEN
Be a loaded angel BACK
Breed ILK
By the way of VIA
Carpet buyer’s math finding AREA
Causing yawning BORE
Cell phone ancestor BEEPER
Certain fruit LIME
Con game SCAM
Currency of Albania LEK
Dispise DETEST
Dryer accumulation LINT
Dude’s time between 19 and 20 YEAR
End of a patriotic cheer USA
Eyelash flutter BLINK
Fancy party GALA
Farm butter? RAM
Fozzie is one BEAR
Games participant OLYMPIAN
Give off, as fumes EMIT
Hymn from the Bible CANTICLE
Infuriate IRE
It gives a hoot OWL
It grows hair SCALP
Library taboo NOISE
Make an app CODE
Motown category SOUL
Mountainous high point ALP
Munro’s pen name SAKI
No longer a minor ADULT
Not even one NONE
Placed down LAID
Porch protection RAIL
Prepare to pray KNEEL
Remorseful CONTRITE
Sandpaper coating GRIT
Seize suddenly GRAB
Semicircular path ARC
Sight the target AIM
State absolutely AVER
Take to the slopes SKI
Talk to a hippie? RAP
Tibetan beast YAK
Tissue additive ALOE
Turn down steel? BEND
Underground passage SEWER
Unknown quote source, for short ANON
Up, directionally NORTH
Way through the woods PATH
Wet with a hose SPRAY
Wheel connector AXLE
Word on a name tag HELLO
___-friendly USER