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Family Time – May 14 2018

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Clues Answers
“Great fireworks!” OOH
“Parting is ___ sweet sorrow” SUCH
3,600 seconds HOUR
Act on, as advice HEED
Anger IRE
Barely achieve (with “out”) EKE
Basketball net holder RIM
Bawl or cry SOB
Belonging to you and me OUR
Blue denim DUNGAREE
Charged fish EEL
Chomp BITE
Color property HUE
Comstock deposit LODE
Dry, as champagne BRUT
Dryer accumulation LINT
Email address part DOT
Except on the condition UNLESS
Frigid COLD
Haul a car TOW
Having two feet BIPED
His and ___ HERS
Horse’s gait TROT
Insect on a hill ANT
Juicy hybrid fruit UGLI
Kick out of office OUSTER
Lemon part RIND
Like some training BASIC
Low single-digit ONE
Make angry RILE
Mythical Norse god ODIN
Paper joiner TAPE
Part of a staircase STEP
Performing couple DUO
Clues Answers
Photographer’s diaphragm IRIS
Place for a mud bath SPA
Prefix with “dynamic” AERO
Prefix with “intellectual” PSEUDO
Proof of a fire ASH
Purse feature STRAP
Ruler no longer TSAR
Save from danger RESCUE
Scaremonger ALARMIST
Screenwriter’s layout SCENARIO
Semicircular path ARC
Shrek’s species OGRE
Skin breathing unit PORE
Smart-mouthed PERT
Something eagles do SOAR
Stuff to the gills (2 words) CRAMFULL
Successfully retail SELL
That little girl HER
Thing in the kitchen PAN
Three performers TRIO
Three-___ sloth TOED
Try to persuade URGE
U-turn from 48-Down HOT
U-turn from sow REAP
Verse on a vase ODE
Wager BET
Was aware KNEW
Waste maker HASTE
What your clothes should do FIT
Window section SILL
Wise or a seasoning SAGE
With a massive cast EPIC
Wooden hat holder PEG
Wrestling surface MAT