Family Time – May 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“I haven’t graduated ___, but I will in May” YET
“Open Sesame” speaker Ali BABA
“Quiet!” HUSH
“So what exactly ___ they doing?” ARE
“Sure!” YES
“Why ___ long face?” THE
“___ the Rainbow” OVER
A long way from outgoing SHY
Bone in your arm ULNA
Bratty child IMP
Bring to a definite conclusion END
Bursting with excitement AGOG
Center of a Froot Loop HOLE
Chemistry class model ATOM
Choir voice ALTO
Coffee or water BEVERAGE
Do very simple math ADD
Fancy bathroom fixture BIDET
Garden digger HOE
Good place for chickens and cows BARNYARD
Help a prankster pull a prank ABET
In rapid-fire succession STACCATO
Indiana is a beautiful one STATE
It was Persia until 1935 IRAN
Just fine OKAY
Lacking sufficient rainfall ARID
Like a cupboard with nothing in it BARE
Like the smell of a new garden EARTHY
Like very simple puzzles EASY
Masked Batman nemesis BANE
Mentally quick APT
Most overly bookish NERDIEST
Moving coal holders BINS
Nickname for the Yanks’ Ruth BABE
One can run down your cheek TEAR
One of 60 in a min SEC
Open one’s eyes SEE
Optimistic feeling HOPE
Part of a dress or skirt HEM
Put forth an attempt TRY
RBIs or pts. per game STAT
Red or Caspian thing SEA
Regret RUE
Run your little mouth off YAP
Short note passed around the office MEMO
Small sofa SETTEE
Some butchers’ meats HAMS
Sound like dry leaves in the wind RUSTLE
Stick (to) ADHERE
Strike sharply, like knuckles on a desk RAP
Sycamore or ash TREE
The woman in the straw hat HER
Thing with two runners SLED
Tilt to the left or right LEAN
Tricycle rider TYKE
Type of rug AREA
Type of shot in hockey SLAP
Type of stick for jumping POGO
Was introduced to for the first time MET
Wasteful speed in doing something HASTE
Woman born in Oman, most likely ARAB
Word associated with “Humbug!” BAH
You may wash your hands in it BASIN
Young boy LAD
Zipper or button alternative SNAP
___ Jose SAN
___ qua non SINE

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