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Family Time – May 20 2018

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Clues Answers
“Ditto!” (2 words) METOO
“Help me!” for one PLEA
“I’ve ___ looking for you!” BEEN
“Indian” waterway OCEAN
“The ___ Ranger” LONE
1/24 of a day HOUR
Add to, marginally? ANNOTATE
Against ANTI
Barely achieve (with “out”) EKE
Be a fibber LIE
Bit of folklore MYTH
Born, in French NEE
Bread for dipping SOP
Brilliant suggestion IDEA
Buddy PAL
Cajun cooking vegetable OKRA
Caustic that opens drains LYE
Chocolate cookie OREO
Christmas season YULETIDE
Chunk of marble SLAB
Cleansed (of) RID
Clumsy character DOLT
Con game SHAM
Conceited VAIN
Decorative pin BROOCH
Deep anger IRE
Dollar in England EURO
Down with something ILL
Earth-breaking tool HOE
Eject, as a volcano SPEW
Fancy fabric LACE
First thing in a shoe TOE
Fish eggs ROE
Fisherman’s gadget REEL
Clues Answers
Ginger ____ (cookie) SNAP
Gloomy atmosphere PALL
Grab harshly SNATCH
Head-scratching question POSER
High, snowy mountain ALP
Historical period ERA
Latticework bower ARBOR
Liver product BILE
Make an effort TRY
Masseuse employer SPA
Mixed bag OLIO
More than avid RABID
Old-style commotion ADO
One with powers of foresight SEER
Opposite of high LOW
Place for castaways ISLET
Possess HAVE
Pub serving ALE
Red, itchy patch RASH
Run at a red light IDLE
Say stuff TALK
Skillfull DEFT
Soothing tissue additive ALOE
Stairway aid RAIL
Sun output HEAT
Symbol on a music staff CLEF
Toon collectible CEL
Uncle’s spouse AUNT
Unnamed quantity SOME
Use a sickle REAP
Very hard to find RARE
Weirdly strange EERIE
What a Boy Scout takes OATH
Your relatives KIN