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Family Time – May 20 2019

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Clues Answers
“Buzz off, fly!” SHOO
“Of ___ I Sing” THEE
“Parting is ___ sweet sorrow” SUCH
“What ___ you up to?” ARE
A long way from good EVIL
Acquire GET
Animal with a tusk ELEPHANT
Apple dessert PIE
Bambi and kin DEER
Bank robbery HEIST
Book filled with maps ATLAS
Breathing problem ASTHMA
Bride’s face cover VEIL
Byproduct of smelting SLAG
Card with three pips TREY
Church donation TITHE
Cousin of a stork IBIS
Cover for a car’s grille BRA
Deny oneself ABNEGATE
Dinner holder DISH
Ear part LOBE
Envision SEE
Express indifference, in a way SHRUG
Face fastballs BAT
Fancy pouring pitcher EWER
Flower arrangement holder VASE
Forest sticker BUR
Fresh way to start ANEW
Hard water? ICE
Have regrets about RUE
Hodge-podge mix OLIO
Hollow-stemmed plant REED
Homophone for “lane” LAIN
It’s used in soap making LYE
Line-___veto ITEM
Not taken in by ONTO
Opposite of “hi” BYE
Opposite of high LOW
Pale-looking ASHY
Penguin in “Bloom County” OPUS
People in jail CONS
Person between 12 and 20 TEEN
Postgraduate’s project THESIS
Puny parasite MITE
Put into action USE
Roll-call response HERE
Roman attire of old TOGA
Russian ruler of old TSAR
Scottish lake LOCH
Short sleep NAP
Singular spasm THROE
Skein fliers GEESE
Skin problem caused by surplus oil ACNE
Soup alternative STEW
Start the poker pot ANTE
Stomach problem ULCER
Stop sign’s color RED
Thin strip of wood SLAT
Times gone by YORE
Type or kind ILK
Valuable rock in mines ORE
Volcano output LAVA
Voting coalition BLOC
Without thought AUTOMATICALLY
___ and ends ODDS
___ out (barely make) EKE