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Family Time – May 21 2018

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Clues Answers
“Little Bo-Peep ___ lost …” HAS
“Ode on a Grecian ___” URN
“Soon” of old poetry ANON
“What ___ can I say?” ELSE
“___ goes there?” WHO
“___ on Down the Road” EASE
“___ there, done that” BEEN
1996 presidential race loser DOLE
911 request AID
Aching feeling LAIN
Again, from the beginning ANEW
Aspirin, e.g PILL
Barbecue rod SLIT
Be optimistic HOPE
Better writing? EDIT
Blessed bread holder PATEN
Breed or type ILK
Broadway sign material NEON
Church organ part PIPE
Completely closed SHUT
Cow’s bellow MOO
Dairy case choice OLEO
Do a little math ADD
Door unlocker KEY
Easter clothing item BONNET
Emissary LEGATE
Extremely wicked EVIL
Faultless UNERRING
First-class AONE
Get ready in advance PLAN
Go limp, as celery WILT
Good-smelling evergreen PINE
Had a nice meal ATE
Have regrets about RUE
Clues Answers
Have to pay back OWE
Homophone of so SEW
Indy 500 place SPEEDWAY
Janitor’s tool MOP
Kuwaiti prince EMIR
Leg joint KNEE
Loud cry of distress YOWL
Marsh area BOG
Mouselike rodent VOLE
Narrate TELL
Not created in a factory HANDMADE
Opposite of live DIE
Part of a church APSE
Part of a flower’s calyx SEPAL
Part of a shark FIN
Part of Miss America’s outfit SASH
Perspiration SWEAT
Place for a lighthouse ISLE
Q-Tip, e.g SWAB
Recede to the sea EBB
Richest percent? ONE
Ship pronoun HER
Sitting on ATOP
Small wound LESION
Something leading to an invention IDEA
Source of sudden wealth WINDFALL
Table of experts PANEL
Thing for a football but not soccerball TEE
Tibetan beast of burden YAK
Tool that breaks soil HOE
Use a napkin on WIPE
Use poles on slopes SKI
Wander (with “about”) GAD