Family Time – May 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Service revolver” center? ERE
A common fruit ORANGE
A great number SLEW
A sombrero is one HAT
Animal group in a group HERD
Boxer in a Ken Burns documentary ALI
Brilliant or conspicuous success ECLAT
Buffalo’s lake ERIE
Cardinals block the sun with them CAPS
Carrying bag TOTE
Cast-___ stomach IRON
Cleaned up and arranged nicely NEAT
Doesn’t retire just yet, maybe next year (2 words) STAYSON
Dynamite trio? TNT
Examine the books via accountant AUDIT
Fairly significant chunk of history ERA
Fashionable mole (2 words) BEAUTYSPOT
Give one’s viewpoint OPINE
Group of three TRIO
Hairstyling substance GEL
Instrument that tunes an orchestra OBOE
Layer of a multi-layer cake TIER
Let stand, in the editing business STET
Letters for a corporate leader CEO
Letters of a notorious ozone hazard CFC
Light bulb, in the funnies IDEA
Like Anchorage, often COLD
Like someone saying, ”Didn’t bother me” UNAFFECTED
Make a great escape FLEE
Maker of PCs and tablets ACER
Massive creature in the sea ORCA
Monopoly card for property owners DEED
Most like a snail’s gooey trail SLIMIEST
Mother sheep EWE
Musician utilizing many keys PIANIST
Newspaper advertisement insert CIRCULAR
North Pole assistant? ELF
Number of starting baseball players NINE
One of many beautiful things in the fall LEAF
Part of I.C.U UNIT
Participate in ”The Star-Spangled Banner” SING
Place for bacon PAN
Place to make peanut butter cookies OVEN
Place to race your yacht SEA
Pope’s jurisdiction ( 2 words) HOLYSEE
Rude back talk SASS
Sad bio OBIT
Shoplifter chaser (2 words) SECURITYGUARD
Shortest golf stroke PUTT
Surrender your chance to win FORFEIT
The day before the day you’ve been waiting for EVE
The end of 17? EEN
This and that, together BOTH
What deep, deep thought requires CONCENTRATION
Where shirts are buttoned FRONT
Word on a gift label FROM
Word with drum, gift or sun SET
___ capita PER
___ Star State LONE
____ of St. Louis SPIRIT

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