Family Time – May 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Besides that…” ALSO
”Fast!” in business settings ASAP
”You ___ seen nothing’ yet” AINT
19-Down who was jealous of David SAUL
Act as an accomplice ABET
Address bar type-in URL
Air traveler’s purchase SEAT
Arranges in piles STACKS
Attention-getting sound you may hear in a library PSST
Bearded animal with curved horns GNU
Billions of years EONS
Birds just a bit smaller than ostriches EMUS
Blog entry POST
Boiling water output STEAM
Burial location for an old pharaoh TOMB
Cannonballs and spitballs AMMO
Coating in a chimney SOOT
Company that produces blocks LEGO
Competitive leg up EDGE
Crowned one KING
Dropper’s shout OOPS
Easy card to identify ACE
Fastener part CLASP
Food item you crack EGG
Found and purchased GOT
Gather, as a crowd AMASS
Gift in Honolulu LEI
Good thing to have at a cookout ICE
Health club with a Jacuzzi SPA
Hid a card, as a magician PALMED
Home to billions ASIA
How 39 day-old cabbage has turned BAD
If you think a person is a jerk, it might be because of this SPASM
Invoice amount FEE
Little babyish drink samples SIPS
Mini-circle pieces ARCS
Mountain passes GAPS
Number many start a countdown from TEN
Oohed and ___ AAHED
Opposite of a rocket scientist DOLT
Pain in the neck ACHE
Pie – mode filling ALA
Pizza units PIES
Prefix meaning four TETRA
Property title DEED
Quick jokes GAGS
Quite an amount (2 words) ALOT
Set down in an exact spot PLACE
Ship traveling from a meteor to Earth UFO
Shower? No, the other BATH
Since day one (2 words) ALLALONG
Soda choice COLA
Sticky lose-lose situations DILEMMAS
Story impossible to prove LIE
Suffix with smart EST
The Apollo people NASA
The Christmas season NOEL
Three, of a kind III
Title word, often THE
Top of the head PATE
Try to take down 10 pins ROLL
Trying to get more on an existing contract RENEGOTIATING
Type of nut that constantly rotates LUG
U-turn from cons PROS
Varied mixture or medley OLIO
Where builders have a ton of bricks SITE

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