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Family Time – May 26 2019

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Clues Answers
”Beware the ___ of March” (”Julius Caesar”) IDES
”Cogito, ___ sum” ERGO
”Fore” site TEE
”Get comfy” SIT
”Long, long ___” AGO
”Up, up and ___!” AWAY
”What’s up, ___!” (Bugs Bunny) DOC
10-Down option UNDO
A solid caustic LYE
Agenda entry ITEM
Apt rhyme for ”pursue” WOO
Be faulty? ERR
Bit of apple waste SEED
Blooming loop in Hawaii LEI
Border on ABUT
Bread, bacon or cabbage MOOLAH
Break, as a machine DISABLE
Brewery unit KEG
Burial chamber CRYPT
Chest bone RIB
Compose, as a quick note (2 words) DASHOFF
Condensed lifetime story BIO
Cunning SLY
Devout prayer ORISON
Emphasize the importance of (2 words) PLAYUP
Every one EACH
Expressed, as a farewell BADE
Expressway entrance RAMP
Famous London art museum TATE
Fancy, decorative pitcher EWER
Fashion STYLE
Fish eggs ROE
Fish that produces 56-Down SHAD
Fleecy creature EWE
Frequently, to Shakespeare OFT
Fresh stuff to take in AIR
Get the genie out of the lamp RUB
Large cask TUN
Legal wrongdoing TORT
Like a white rhino ALBINO
Lion’s hair unit MANE
Listing of dishes MENU
Long narrative poem IDYLL
Major blood vessels AORTAS
Mechanical person ROBOT
Musical note between fa and la SOL
Part of a long race LEG
Paving material for streets TAR
Poet’s eye ORB
Psyche component EGO
Push upward BOOST
Recede to the sea EBB
Restless and full of coffee EDGY
Result of a facial oil surplus? ACNE
Ruler and pencil creation LINE
Sailor’s ”yes” AYE
Score halved TEN
Scott’s Roy ROB
Send back to a lower court REMAND
Short-lived craze FAD
Slant or prejudice BIAS
Tibetan beast of burden YAK
Tin Man’s need OIL
Volcano in Sicily ETNA
Winged bird in Wonderland DODO
Woody structures TREES
Young adult TEEN
___ school (college type) PREP