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Family Time – May 27 2018

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Clues Answers
“Present!” HERE
“So” homophone SEW
“What ___ can I say?” ELSE
“___ goes there?” WHO
A quarter of four ONE
Acclaim LAUD
Archimedes’ shout EUREKA
Assistant AIDE
Bad thing to have in a pocket HOLE
Barely achieve (with “out”) EKE
Bask in a tub SOAK
Bawl SOB
Big jungle brute APE
Birdbath organism ALGA
Blackthorn berry SLOE
Boater’s craft mover OAR
Broadway sign type NEON
Camper’s shelter TENT
Car’s pathway ROAD
Card game for bettors FARO
Claim it isn’t so DENY
Comfort EASE
Commotion in head-off? ADO
Cost to fly FARE
Declare definitively AVER
Declare formally AVOW
Drink that can be iced TEA
Exert too much effort OVERDO
Expelled molten rock LAVA
Fall short of victory LOSE
Family man DAD
From the beginning ANEW
Had already learned KNEW

Clues Answers
Hand over CEDE
Heavy metal? ORE
In one’s birthday suit NUDE
Ironically amusing WRY
Kitten’s sound MEW
Lavish or elegant FANCY
Laze around LOLL
Like all great sprinters FAST
Lobster catcher TRAP
Loose neck skin on a hound DEWLAP
Moose relative ELK
More than fume RAGE
Moth-repellent wood CEDAR
Not showing one’s emotions RESERVED
Number in a trio THREE
Organ of hearing EAR
Person like you PEER
Pilot’s field AVIATION
Podded vegetable PEA
Relating to forest regions SYLVAN
Rub-down locale SPA
Spice with a lady’s name ROSEMARY
St. or blvd. crosser AVE
Support a scofflaw ABET
Support for a proposal? KNEE
Thing to make in the morning BED
Track unit LAP
Two quartets, joined OCTET
Underhanded toss LOB
Up to it ABLE
What to do with 19-Across ROW
Wool-covered creature EWE
Word after “Exit” ONLY
Word we share? OUR