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Family Time – May 27 2019

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Clues Answers
“… ___ he drove out of sight” ERE
“1,001 Arabian Nights” hero ALI
“And now, without further ___ …” ADO
“One-touch” sword sport EPEE
“What ___ can I say?” ELSE
“___ it rip!” LET
“___ quite the lady” SHES
100 cents, overseas EURO
Add days to one’s life AGE
Agenda entry ITEM
Avian runner Down Under EMU
Big, wild crowd MOB
Breakfast for Brutus? OVA
British peer EARL
Caffeine-laden nut KOLA
Carpet store calculation AREA
Catamaran feature SAIL
Cause dissension POLARIZE
Choir song HYMN
City of Iowa AMES
Coffee holder, big-time URN
Common beverage SODA
Computer keyboard key TAB
Cosmetics company AVON
Declare formally AVOW
Dublin’s isle EIRE
Editor’s removal mark DELE
Entertaining team of two DUO
Envision SEE
Gas-electric car HYBRID
Geezer COOT
German mining region RUHR
Give? No way TAKE
Hawk’s nest AERIE
Instruction for a user TUTORIAL
Jack-in-the-pulpit, for one ARUM
Largest Florida key LARGO
Loosen, as a shoelace UNTIE
Matador’s foe TORO
Miss America’s band SASH
Moth repellent wood CEDAR
Muddy place with crocodiles SWAMP
Once around a running track LAP
One often indoors HOMEBODY
Opposite of rural URBAN
Overly plump OBESE
Part of some exercise machines STAIR
Photographer’s diaphragm IRIS
Pigeon sound COO
Previously owned, as a vehicle USED
Prohibition ___ ERA
Rani’s dress SARI
Rock in mines ORE
Ship’s help signal SOS
Sign gas NEON
Sleet-covered ICY
Strip by the Mediterranean GAZA
Tachometer letters RPM
Tooth covering ENAMEL
Tree trunk knot GNARL
Unwelcome guest? INTRUDER
Uses a foot to keep time TAPS
Vessel for Jack and Jill PAIL
Wavy lines, in the comics ODOR
Word by a door handle PULL
___ since (as of) EVER