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Family Time – May 3 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Nope” opposite YEP
“Timeout!” hand signal TEE
“Tosca” highlight ARIA
“Wanted” poster abbr AKA
“Well, ___-di-dah!” LAH
“You know the rest” ETC
1,440 minutes DAY
A lungful AIR
A question to be solved in math PROBLEM
Altar locales APSES
Angled rearward, as hair SWEPTBACK
Antietam name LEE
April payment TAX
Archer’s asset AIM
Arthroscopy site KNEE
Assistant or helper AIDE
Auction shout SOLD
Barn bedding HAY
Barnyard biddy HEN
Better writing? EDIT
Big gray eagle ERNE
Bittersweet covering ARIL
Boar’s place STY
British noblemen EARLS
Broiled sushi fish EEL
Carpet feature NAP
Cause of a buzz FLY
Cloth ridge WALE
Cold pole worker ELF
County singer Tucker TANYA
Cures, as hides TANS
Depend (on) RELY
Diminutive demon IMP
Encyclopedia graphic MAP
Fast-running Australian creature EMU
Fibber or Molly of old radio MCGEE
Formerly, to a poet ERE
Hamilton opponent BURR
Hit without force TAP
Indirect implication INNUENDO
iPhone add-on APP
Like a sore back ACHY
Make a sweater KNIT
Meat from a calf VEAL
Million attachment? AIRE
Mrs. Harry S. Truman BESS
Nights before big nights EVES
Not a soul NONE
One of the “Great” waterways ERIE
Passing grade? Yes, but barely DEE
Photo showing the inside? XRAY
Phrase before “king” or “mode” ALA
Porch climber’s protection RAIL
Prefix with “dynamic” AERO
Soap unit BAR
Son of Seth ENOS
Spoke on and on RAMBLED
Standard or usual thing (with “the”) NORM
Steak sauce brand AONE
Stick with a point STAB
Surgical bond LIGATURE
Take a sudden fall SLIP
Tissue additive ALOE
Viewed extensively EYEBALLED
___ Alamos, NM LOS