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Family Time – May 5 2019

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Clues Answers
“En garde” weapon EPEE
“Eureka!” kin OHO
“Ode on a Grecian ___” URN
“___ shall not steal” THOU
13, for a teen AGE
Accounting pro CPA
Act the worrywart FRET
Amateur’s antonym PRO
Big, now GROWNUP
Big-time sandwich seller SUBWAY
Boys of 8-Across SONS
Bratty talk SASS
Broad-brimmed Mexican hat SOMBRERO
Cincinnati baseball team REDS
Cleopatra’s biter ASP
Comes up, as a question ARISES
Creamy white color ECRU
Cribbage scorekeeper PEG
Decorates a cake ICES
Deuce toppers TREYS
Doctoral candidate’s exam ORAL
Downing, Bourbon, and others briefly STS
Dynamite relative TNT
Facial features with prominent upper parts ROMANNOSES
Female Bobbsey twin NNN
Fictional ship of note ARGO
Innate impulse INSTINCT
Last letter ZEE
Liberates FREES
Light lunches SALADS
Look like a villain? LEER
Lose sleep (over) AGONIZE
Lunchtime, for many NOON
Many Little League fans DADS
Neither’s partner NOR
Not an exact fig EST
Not transparent OPAQUE
On the up-and-up? RISING
One on your side WELLWISHER
Organ of hearing EAR
Part of the foot ARCH
Persian Gulf land IRAQ
Picnic meat RIBS
Pigeon sound COO
Popular cookie type OREO
Proof of cooking outdoors ASH
Queens is one BOROUGH
Questioning word with “everybody?” DOESNT
Rank below marquis EARL
Rids of rinds PEELS
Say “Bet you can’t!” DARE
Small dollar bills ONES
Small poetic cavern GROT
Some relatives, casually AUNTIES
Steady guy BEAU
Stick with a toothpick STAB
Suffix with “Iran” INN
Term of respect for women MAAM
Unnamed quantity SOME
Utter one’s words indistinctly SLUR
Valued possession ASSET
___ de plume NO M