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Family Time – May 6 2018

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Clues Answers
“Once ___ a time …” UPON
“Pick a card, ___ card” ANY
“See you!” BYE
“We ___ on our way” ARE
Betting line ODDS
Bikini top BRA
Bit of plankton ALGA
Blockhead DOLT
Calculator button PLUS
Cat’s sound PURR
Checklist unit ITEM
Drying cooker KILN
Entertaining pair DUO
Faux ___ (blunder) PAS
Fight with swords DUEL
Fire engine hue RED
Fix writing EDIT
Fluent Klingon speaker, to some UBERGEEK
Friendly country ALLY
Good to have around USEFUL
Hearing organ EAR
Huge ratite bird EMU
Judge’s garment ROBE
Kitchen appliance OVEN
LA and NYC location USA
Large amount SLEW
Leg wrap for soldiers in WWI PUTTEE
Lemon skin PEEL
Like a luxurious rug POSH
Like an unresponsive battery DEAD
Lion’s home DEN
Monkey in a lab, maybe RHESUS
Nullify UNDO
One ___ person PER
Clues Answers
One-piece protective garment COVERALL
Opposite of shy BOLD
Opposite of women MEN
Outskirts EDGE
Palo ___, Calif ALTO
Part of aka KNOWN
Performance add-on ENCORE
Playfully shy COY
Put to good ___ USE
Quick cut SNIP
Quick forest animal DEER
Ritual cross ROOD
Sanctified one SAINT
Santa’s helper ELF
Saying nothing MUM
Scottish hat TAM
Sister in a convent NUN
Small rental unit? APT
Sturdy tree OAK
Sunday song HYMN
Superhero’s secret IDENTITY
The diamond in a ring GEM
Tom-tom or bongo DRUM
Took the bus RODE
Trousers PANTS
Type of sprawl URBAN
Ungentlemanly fellow CAD
Very top ACME
Warm Springs, for one SPA
Water waster DRIP
When shadows are shortest NOON
Wild adventure ESCAPADE
Window frame SASH
Winter toy SLED