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Family Time – May 7 2018

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Clues Answers
“Come to ___!” PAPA
“Survivor” team TRIBE
“This prayer is finished” AMEN
100, IQ-wise NORM
50-Across offering LOAN
Alter clothes (with “in” or “out”) LET
Arctic bird AUK
Bad smell ODOR
Breakfast for Brutus? OVA
Brilliant, creative thought IDEA
Certain chess piece PAWN
Club leader? GLEE
Computer image ICON
Course section UNIT
Droop SAG
Easy number to multiply by TEN
Fancy flapjack CREPE
Father’s boy SON
Fire hydrant color RED
First-class AONE
Gal’s opposite GUY
Genesis garden EDEN
Here-there link NOR
Highest playing card ACE
Horned farm animal RAM
Horse race gait TROT
Immune response trigger ANTIGEN
Italia’s place ROMA
Large jungle creature APE
Law enforcer COP
Like 500, not 501 EVEN
Like a broken horse TAME
Like dedicated members CARDCARRYING
Clues Answers
Lion’s home DEN
Little girl’s plaything DOLLY
Maximally dry SERE
Mother sheep EWE
MusicalГ%82В composition closer CODA
Mustang fuel GAS
Ninth day before the Ides NONES
Not artificial NATURAL
Not in this place AWAY
Open and honest FRANK
Overwhelming wonder AWE
Peculiar ODD
Place with lots of money BANK
Product’s ID (2 words) SERIALNUMBER
Regret doing RUE
Shrimp fried ___ RICE
Sign to put things together PLUS
Streamlined SLEEK
Take an Uber RIDE
Teach or instruct EDUCATE
Tight-lipped MUM
Transcriber COPYIST
TV’s “American ___” IDOL
Twosome PAIR
Type of dance TAP
View-finder? EYE
What a sniggler may catch EEL
Where a baby can sit LAP
Whirlpool locale, sometimes SPA
Winter shot FLU
Yank’s Civil War foe REB
___ Glory (flag nickname) OLD
___-Cola COCA