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Family Time – May 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Black Beauty” author Sewell ANNA
“Do ___ others as …” UNTO
“How ___ you doing that?” ARE
“What’s gotten ___ you?!” INTO
40-yard event DASH
Amber beverage ALE
Arizona city MESA
Car-cleaning object RAG
Chin hiders BEARDS
Colossal or gigantic BIG
Darjeeling and others TEAS
Dispatched SENT
Does a doggy trick BEGS
Drain, as one’s energy SAP
Drink cooler ICE
Family member, informally SIS
Fly catcher SPIDERWEB
Fun thing to kick BALL
GPS abbreviation in the city AVE
Great place to climb to TOP
Had roasted chestnuts ATE
Having finished one’s career, briefly RETD
High-five alternative DAP
Husband- and wife-related SPOUSAL
Infield cover TARP
Lamps of old LANTERNS
Large citrus fruit POMELO
Like extra workers hired at Christmas time SEASONAL
Low voices BASSES
Math branch TRIG
Moses’ mountain SINAI
Most have 18 wheels SEMI
Musical twosome DUO
Negative prefix ANTI
Operate wings, like a bird FLAP
Palo ___, Calif ALTO
Part of the human eye UVEA
Party times before big events EVES
Place for a new bird NEST
Places for some hillside creatures DENS
Ra, to ancient Egyptians (2 words) SUNGOD
Result of using a spade HOLE
Run ___ of the law (get in legal trouble) AFOUL
Russian monarch prior to 1917 TSAR
Sci-fi alien transporter UFO
Scoundrel in a dozen? (2 words) BADEGG
Shows with lots and lots of singing OPERAS
Sit down with a lazy jump PLOP
Something an office copier might do COLLATE
Terrific SUPERB
The sun is one STAR
Tried a little sauteed spinach TASTED
Two, in Mexico DOS
Type of coat hanger WIRE
Very eager to know more INTRIGUED
What some call Ireland ERIN
What some call Ireland EIRE
What tying the score makes you EVEN
Where dirt goes down the drain TUB
___ de plume (pen name) NOM