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Family Time – Nov 26 2018

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Clues Answers
“America, the Beautiful” body SEA
“As a result …” THUS
“From ___ Eternity” HERETO
“Have a nice ___!” DAY
“Have you ___ here before?” BEEN
“The ___ Ranger” LONE
46-Down, without saying IMPLY
A mouse can rest on it PAD
Bad smell ODOR
Belonging to that thing ITS
Bread type RYE
British nobleman EARL
Carpenter’s space filler SHIM
Certain prisoner of war INTERNEE
Color between white and black GRAY
Common pet DOG
Convince, as voters SWAY
Crescent end CUSP
Drive onward GOAD
Egg layers HENS
Fruit of the rose family SLOE
Fury IRE
Give a powerful speech ORATE
God’s position DEITY
Grapefruit relative UGLI
Hatchling’s sound PEEP
Horseshoe-shaped lab vessel UTUBE
Hysteria about something MANIA
Inventor’s theory IDEA
It reaches the beach TIDE
Italian money no more LIRA
Jewel GEM
Like cracked, dry land ARID
Listening device EAR
Map that shows a lot? PLAT
Messy farm home STY
Neckpiece of Hawaii LEI
Noisy goings-on ADO
Not just mine OURS
Notable time period ERA
One way to turn RIGHT
Opposite of her HIM
Opposite of pro ANTI
Part of a garden maze HEDGEROW
Plant you don’t want WEED
Porcelain pitcher EWER
Powerful country initials USA
Rocky deposit ORE
Rough file RASP
Settled a debt PAID
Sharpen with a belt STROP
Sign of the future? OMEN
Something not to be believed MYTH
Spurt out or give off EMIT
Suffix with rat ION
Super rating AONE
Thing babies do eventually TEETHE
Thing taken in class NOTE
Transfer, as land CEDE
Type of list TODO
Visionary? SEER
Went by horseback RODE
What a pirate buries (2 words) TREASURECHEST
What eyebrows do ARCH
Wooden pin PEG