Family Time – Nov 5 2018

Clues Answers
“And now, without further ___ …” ADO
“Believe It or ___!” NOT
“Get off, cat!” SHOO
“Let’s go ___ way!” THIS
A type of tide NEAP
Antibiotic target GERM
Be mistaken ERR
Became grounded ALIT
Big Aussie bird EMU
Cancel a launch or clean floors SCRUB
Carpet RUG
Common household pet CAT
Cornell’s Cornell EZRA
Corridor HALL
Creature resembling a snake EEL
Desperation guess STAB
Earth’s satellite MOON
Easily manipulated person PATSY
Enjoy a book READ
Field for sheep LEA
First name among the Rolling Stones RON
Flying mil. branch USAF
Fond du ___ LAC
Food sweetener SUGAR
Frat letter CHI
Gateway to central Switzerland LUCERNE
Group of orcas POD
Healthful routine REGIMEN
Hog home STY
Jacket fastener SNAP
Job for a detective CASE
Kilmer who played Batman VAL
Knock, as on a door RAP
Language of southern Africa BANTU
Male Scandinavian name LARS
Medley OLIO
Missile storage building SILO
Mormon state UTAH
Not quite a circle OVAL
One of several in a home ROOM
Paper or plastic carrier BAG
Part of a table or turkey LEG
Passing announcement OBIT
Peron of Argentina EVA
Pres. Lincoln’s nickname ABE
Proclaimed DECREED
Puppy squeak YIP
Relative of a squid OCTOPUS
Seep slowly OOZE
Significant time period ERA
Some toothpaste forms GELS
Start of a paper-and-pencil game TIC
Tabloid twosome ITEM
Tear, as pants RIP
Things flowing through circulatory systems BLOODSTREAMS
Type of wrench LUG
Unit of electrical resistance OHM
United group actions COOPERATIONS
Violin’s larger relative CELLO
Volcanic output LAVA
Was first LED
Wastes time LOAFS
Weightlifter’s powder TALC
Wipe at gently DAB
Writer-director Ephron NORA
___-per-view PAY

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