Family Time – Oct 1 2018

Clues Answers
“Once ___ a midnight dreary …” UPON
“Yummy!” TASTY
“___ Day Will Come” OUR
At a distance AFAR
Be overly angry RAGE
Before, to a poet ERE
Big place to play PARK
Blacken a bit, as steak CHAR
Change pants? ALTER
Chute opener? PARA
Circle part ARC
Cobbler’ s tool AWL
Craving YEN
Cuckoo bird? LOON
Curved wood dresser ADZ
Dashed RAN
Delicate difference NUANCE
Disperse oil in water EMULSIFY
Do the math, in a way ADD
Erase from a computer DELETE
Fill fully SATE
Fit of chills and fever AGUE
Former student, briefly ALUM
Fuss or bother ADO
Genetic blueprint DNA
Hard-working insect ANT
Heart in a Poe story TELLTALE
Info on an aspirin bottle DOSE
Information to input DATA
Lady in the family AUNT
Last letter ZEE
Launching ___ PAD
Look badly? LEER
Math expression with two terms BINOMIAL
Matured AGED
Mentally rational SANE
Move ___ bigger things (2 words) ONTO
Neighborhood’s dead-end road CULDESAC
Nevertheless YET
Not there, closer HERE
Not yet cooked RAW
Opposite of hi BYE
Organ of sight EYE
Parcel METE
Period of history ERA
Place for a mudbath SPA
Play money? ANTE
Run easily LOPE
Service charge FEE
Sharpening belt STROP
Slithery shocker in the water EEL
Some pasta tubes PENNE
Something to serve with TRAY
Stiff ballet shoe part TOE
Thrusting sword RAPIER
Tiger’s sound ROAR
Tip-top or primo AONE
Tugboat sound TOOT
Type of bait fish DACE
Type of shepherd? GERMAN
U-turn from shallow DEEP
Unrefined metal ORE
Very young person TYKE
Walked heavily TROD
Woodstock hairdo AFRO
Wrestling surface MAT
___ vera ALOE

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