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Family Time – Oct 14 2018

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Clues Answers
“1,001 Arabian Nights” hero ALI
“And now, without further ___ …” ADO
“Be a pal!” CMON
“That was ___ of fun!” (2 words) ALOT
“What ___ can I do for you?” ELSE
“___ going to be a great day!” ITS
50-states place USA
A little of this, a little of that OLIO
Babe in the forest (2 words) LIONCUB
Baseball official UMP
Bird home NEST
Bullets and spitballs AMMO
Burned bit ASH
Butterfly catchers NETS
Casual affection? LUV
Chills or summer treats ICES
City in Siberia OMSK
Control mechanism, for short SERVO
Country hotels INNS
Crash into on purpose RAM
Egg on URGE
Ex-boxer Spinks LEON
Features of camels HUMPS
Feel unwell AIL
Giving special importance to something ACCENTUATION
Good source of protein TOFU
Hide in the shadows LURK
In the middle of AMONGST
Indian wrapping dress SARI
Killed, as a dragon SLAIN
Letter drawer’s device STENCIL
Lie in the sun purposefully TAN
Like a working candle LIT
Mo. after Mar APR
Not imaginary REAL
Opposite of death LIFE
Opposite of rural URBAN
Opposite of wild TAME
Pans’ counterparts POTS
Part of the hand PALM
Peeper on a dollar bill EYE
Permit LET
Pie ___ mode (2 words) ALA
Put a spell on HEX
Revered celebrities ICONS
Rhyming verse on a vase ODE
Sailor’s milieu SEA
Seafarer’s navigation aid SEXTANT
Sis’ male relative BRO
Some batteries AAS
Sounds of disapproval TSKS
Space between teeth GAP
Suffix with “sky” or “web” CAM
Supply with gear EQUIP
Tater SPUD
The very top ACME
Tin Man’s need OIL
Tuna container CAN
Wanna-___ (copycats) BES
Wharf QUAY
Wise, or a seasoning SAGE
Word from Scrooge BAH
Word from the pews AMEN
Words that end bachelorhood (2 words) IDO
X Games vehicle (2 words) MOUNTAINBIKE
___ Lanka (country) SRI