Family Time – Oct 15 2018

Clues Answers
“American ___” (TV show) IDOL
“What ___ is going on?” ELSE
Allot (with “out”) DOLE
Aptly named fruit hybrid UGLI
Bank clerk TELLER
Black-and-white treat OREO
Burned wood bit ASH
Buzzing creature BEE
Candy on a stick LOLLIPOP
Cause of many yawns ENNUI
Color property HUE
Diva’s solo ARIA
Do a pressing job IRON
Dollar in some countries EURO
English racing village ASCOT
Enter data TYPE
Feature of movies and novels PLOT
Fine friend PAL
Gain deservedly EARN
Get ___ of (throw away) RID
Golf or baseball SPORT
Group of actors CAST
Hospital helper AIDE
Incite anger RILE
Just average SOSO
Kind of blue duck? TEAL
Kind of TV (2 words) CLOSEDCIRCUIT
Less than diddly NIL
Likelihood ODDS
Look that may offend LEER
Match in a ring BOUT
Money collected under a tariff IMPOST
Mover of a small boat OAR
Muddy, as water ROIL
Not active IDLE
Not well, health-wise ILL
On ___ (nervous) EDGE
One named in a will HEIR
Opposite of amateur PRO
Pants securer BELT
Paper unit of 500 sheets REAM
Payment to cross a bridge TOLL
Perform as a different person ACT
Periscope part LENS
Piggish farm structure STY
Positive quality ASSET
Religious subgroup SECT
Snatch quickly GRAB
Southern breakfast dish GRITS
Statuesque TALL
Storage place for tools SHED
Streamlet RILL
Super-happy feeling EUPHORIA
Thing you’ll notice in a locker room ODOR
Tissue layer PLY
U-turn from buy SELL
U-turn from none ALL
Untruth LIE
Uplifting poem ODE
Venomous snake of Africa ASP
Victorian or Christian, e.g ERA
Violin vibrato sound TRILL
Weightlifter’s powder TALC
What an optimist always has HOPE
Wily SLY

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