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Family Time – Oct 21 2018

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Clues Answers
“Electric” fish EEL
“Erie Canal” mule SAL
“I ___ big trouble now!” (2 words) AMIN
“___ I have more?” MAY
“___ the season to be jolly” TIS
A la ___ (with ice cream) MODE
About to be frisked by the police (2 words) SPREADEAGLED
Albanian currency unit LEK
Armed casino items (2 words) SLOTMACHINES
Babbling waterway BROOK
Big coffeepot URN
Big commotion ADO
Bit of history ERA
Corn grower? TOE
Cover-up for a boxer ROBE
CPA’s savings suggestion IRA
Crime of fire-setting ARSON
Cry from Casper BOO
Disappear gradually FADE
Dream Team jersey letters USA
Eagle near the ocean ERNE
Fairy tale, e.g STORY
Foreign dollar EURO
Give off EMIT
Green-gem mineral BERYL
Hard seed cover ARIL
Heartburn reliever ANTACID
Hockey legend Gordie HOWE
It gives a hoot OWL
It hangs in a museum ART
Make a film shorter EDIT
Make the old look new again RESTORE
Male swimmer in a suit? FROGMAN
March lead-in (Abbr.) FEB
Most ritzy POSHEST
Nonclerical LAIC
Office message MEMO
Opposite of he SHE
Peach centers PITS
Perform in a commercial ACT
Plant that climbs walls IVY
Prescription information DOSE
Prime time for Nick NITE
Quaint hotel INN
Rental car company AVIS
Sedan or convertible CAR
Singer Sam’s “Soul Man” partner DAVE
Snake with a tight squeeze BOA
Sound of a happy cat PURR
Sports facility ARENA
Strauss of jeans LEVI
Super-high mountain ALP
Swiss city BERN
Thing needed for a circus catch? NET
Tierra ___ Fuego DEL
Turn, as a mast SLUE
Two of a kind PAIR
Vientiane language LAO
Wave-maker in a lake OAR
Where a bride’s aisle ends ALTAR
White wading bird IBIS
Winter ailments FLUS
Word after “break” or “bump” INTO
Word with cream ICE
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
___ up (energizes) PEPS