Family Time – Oct 22 2018

Clues Answers
“And now, without further ___ …” ADO
“Fuzzy Wuzzy __ a bear . . .” WAS
“Ready, ___, go!” SET
“Thumbs way up!” review RAVE
“Wait, there’s more …” ALSO
“What ___ can I say?” ELSE
“With the greatest of ___ …” EASE
“___ a Wonderful Life” ITS
Any building location SITE
Bathe LAVE
Child KID
Coin-hitting-water sound PLOP
Drag, as a car TOW
Dusk, old-style EVENTIDE
Equipment GEAR
Expressed, as a farewell BADE
Fancy thing next to some toilets BIDET
Female creature in the woods DOE
Get ready for something PREP
Got smaller in a washing machine SHRANK
Hotel room cleaner MAID
How to change hair color DYE
Hunter’s bear skin PELT
Insect in a cupboard ANT
Instrument-playing group BAND
Is holding HAS
Jogged RAN
Like museums and museum goers? ARTY
List of restaurant food MENU
Middle range singing voice ALTO
Mix ingredients in a bowl STIR
Mouselike rodent VOLE
Nautical speed unit KNOT
Neutral color TAN
New Year’s song title starter AULD
Number of foot digits TEN
On-off connector AND
Opposite of sink RISE
Opposites of evens ODDS
Outdoor winter toy SLED
Path in the woods TRAIL
Period of history ERA
Pork chops and ham MEAT
Prefix with day or night MID
Rehearse one’s lines ACT
Respectful tribute HOMAGE
Shady retreat ARBOR
Shape of a race track OVAL
Signature instrument PEN
Slanty shanty building LEANTO
Small chore TASK
Stepped heavily TROD
Stuff stuffed in weapons AMMO
Thin wood strip LATH
Thing placed in an oboe REED
Thing to look up to? SKY
This shape: ( ARC
Tie-breaking period OVERTIME
Totally destroy RUIN
Tough pitch to resist? (2 words) HARDSELL
Two times ___ day PER
Type of pool for a billionaire? INDOOR
Type of water lily LOTUS
U-turn from he SHE
Whichever of a group ANY
Wool-producing creature EWE
Woolens, collectively KNITWEAR

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