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Family Time – Oct 28 2018

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Clues Answers
“Couldn’t have said it better myself” AMEN
“Long, long ___ …” AGO
100 percent total? ALL
Aisle aide at a wedding USHER
Antibiotic target GERM
Barbarous one OGRE
Become ragged at the edges FRAY
Bettors’ figures ODDS
Brilliant bit of brainwork IDEA
Broadcasting right now LIVE
Brouhaha ADO
Car engine cover HOOD
Cellphone’s lack (2 words) DIALTONE
Collect, as grain REAP
Con ___ (vivaciously) BRIO
Conclusion END
Corn holder COB
Cosmetics ingredient ALOE
Cup lip RIM
Destinations for limos in May PROMS
Eggs, fancy OVA
Elegance of style ELAN
Formal court order WRIT
Frilly fabric LACE
Gather slowly GLEAN
Ginger ___ ALE
Gym activity (2 words) WEIGHTLIFTING
Hard work LABOR
Hot spot in the kitchen OVEN
Impressive act FEAT
Insensible hospital condition COMA
Leave the woods suddenly? DECAMP
Legume in “Once Upon a Mattress” PEA
Like Methuselah OLD
Long-eared hopper HARE
Many adults MEN
Nasal accent TWANG
Numbing drug NARCOTIC
Plane-wing part FLAP
Punching tool AWL
Put in the mail SENT
Put up, as pictures HUNG
Put ___ show (2 words) ONA
Raced on foot RAN
Radio interference STATIC
Raise the hackles of RILE
Red gem RUBY
Romanov’s title TSAR
School subject with numbers MATH
Scorecard TALLY
Seeing through the deception of ONTO
Sharp, as a pupil APT
Ski lift TBAR
Small amount IOTA
Spoken exam ORAL
Spreader of gossip YENTA
St. or blvd. relative AVE
Strongly advise URGE
Tactic PLOY
Tenants’ payment RENT
TNT sound BANG
Top of a container LID
Uncultivated one BOOR
What farmers produce CROP
Wild shot STAB
Word of agreement YES