Family Time – Oct 3 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“If it ___ broke …” AINT
“In a manner of speaking” (3 words) ASITWERE
“Ish” (2 words) ORSO
“___ on a true story” BASED
Asia’s neighbor EUROPE
Banana skins PEELS
Beaver’s barrier DAM
Bit of butter PAT
Carbonated quencher SODA
Coffee holder URN
Deodorant’s location UNDERARM
Dude BRO
Farm unit ACRE
Feel remorse RUE
Former fashion crazes FADS
Fuzz from your pajamas LINT
Garbanzo, e.g BEAN
Golfer’s little helper TEE
Grazing meadow LEA
Great suffix? EST
Greatly irritate RANKLE
Guess ___? (board game) WHO
Guide LEAD
Guitar attachment AMP
Gym unit REP
Head set? EARS
Historical periods ERAS
Hoopster CAGER
Horse feature MANE
Like a snail race SLOW
Like some excuses POOR
Like spilled milk MESSY
Lion’s place DEN
Listen HEAR
London hrs GMT
Many miles away AFAR
Marvel Comics’ X-___ MEN
Money dispenser ATM
Moose relative ELK
Moses parted this (2 words) REDSEA
Open-and-___ case SHUT
Parts of pickup trucks BEDS
Pile of laundry LOAD
Polish BUFF
Postpones DEFERS
Probabilities ODDS
Produce steam BOIL
Promise that has a ring to it? (2 words) IDO
Recruit staff HIRE
Rev, like an engine GUN
Roman emperor NERO
Rowing tool OAR
Rudolph is one REINDEER
Sci-fi crafts UFOS
Smile ear-to-ear GRIN
Something you can hammer or paint NAIL
Soup containers CANS
Stance before a selfie POSE
Talking to a waiter ORDERING
Tear, as pants RIP
Three strikes and you’re this OUT
Tiny WEE
Trendy berry ACAI
Unravel, as a hem FRAY
URL ending ORG
Vices SINS
What a fishing rod rolls up LINE
Wintertime ailment FLU

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