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Family Time – Oct 7 2018

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Clues Answers
“Beau ___” GESTE
“That joke was ___ funny” NOT
“The ___ Duckling” UGLY
“___ the season to be …” TIS
“____ Go Bragh” (“Ireland Forever”) ERIN
Alter ___ EGO
Any prince HEIR
Baseball legend Rizzuto PHIL
Bow wood YEW
Chat GAB
Chem class LAB
Cinnamon treat BUN
Common Christmas gift TOY
Creature in the woods ELK
Design over REDO
Did like a fountain BUBBLED
Did like the Titanic SUNK
Dollar equivalent overseas EURO
Edgar Allan ___ POE
Egg part YOLK
Entice, as fish LURE
Everest center? ERE
Fixed beforehand PREAPPOINTED
Geometry calculation AREA
Get bronzed skin TAN
Graffiti removers SANDBLASTERS
Grind together, as teeth GNASH
Hawaiian party LUAU
Horse halting word WHOA
In addition to ALSO
Item for an actor to handle PROP
Kind of feeling or instinct GUT
Lancelot du ___ (knight of the Round Table) LAC
Lee in freezers SARA
Like a garage floor OILY
Lugosi of old films BELA
Make inquiries ASK
Manning of the NFL ELI
Mars, to the Greeks ARES
Molten rock LAVA
Money in one’s pocket CASH
Monopoly buys (Abbr.) AVES
Negative answers NOS
Nut on a car wheel LUG
Oath taker’s pledge LOYALTY
Office equipment DESKS
One of the Earps WYATT
Opposite of good BAD
Payments from one’s job WAGES
Positive answer YES
Rabbit relative HARE
Run at a red light IDLE
Safety device near steps RAIL
Santa ___, California ANA
Show boredom YAWN
Some college degrees BAS
Things worn on beaches BIKINIS
Took the prize WON
Two, in Spanish DOS
Up to something SLY
Upscale British car BENTLEY
Was in debt OWED
Word after “Wuzzy” WAS
___ Alamos, N.M LOS
___ Moines, Iowa DES