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Family Time – Sep 16 2018

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Clues Answers
“… and lots more” ETCETERA
“But who ___ to judge?” (2 words) AMI
“Hard ___!” (nautical order) ALEE
“Incredible” superhero HULK
“___ be fun!” ITLL
“___ got a great idea!” IVE
1940s first lady BESS
Aware of, as a scam ONTO
Ball filler AIR
Baseball legend ___ Wee Reese PEE
Basic building block ATOM
Beneath’s opposite ATOP
Big name in car rentals AVIS
Bone near the radius ULNA
Bye, in Britain TATA
Camper’s stuff GEAR
Can. neighbor USA
Capital of Norway OSLO
Checkers or tag GAME
City in Washington TACOMA
City on the Rhine BONN
Collegiate mil. program ROTC
Company known for pineapples DOLE
Crow’s call CAW
Eight in Roman numerals VIII
Express firmly AVER
Gleaming and shining LUSTROUS
Holder at a chocolate factory TUN
It keeps a head toasty HAT
It’s shorter than a pot PAN
Keaton of movies DIANE
Kings who visited Jesus MAGI
Land surrounded by water ISLE
Large field for animals LEA
Like a defensive octopus? INKY
Madagascar mammals LEMURS
Military no-show AWOL
Most cheerleaders SHES
Non-PC device? MAC
Not odd EVEN
One day ___ time (2 words) ATA
Part of a play ACT
Pas’ spouses MAS
Perform to excess OVERDO
Pick or axe TOOL
Pipe material METAL
Place for domesticated pigeons DOVECOTE
President Truman HARRY
Pull behind oneself DRAG
Reaction to something incredible AWE
Self-defense fighting type KARATE
Shipping wood TEAK
Short-legged dog, briefly PEKE
Speedy initial request? ASAP
Stat for a pitcher ERA
State known for corn IOWA
String through shoes LACE
Taken, as a seat OCCUPIED
Tenn. athlete VOL
Thing beavers build DAM
Trousers tear RIP
Type of dangerous snake ASP
Type of Jamaican music SKA
Wasn’t a follower LED
Watering tube HOSE
Your aunt’s husband UNCLE
___ de cologne EAU
___-town (Chicago) CHI