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Family Time – Sep 17 2018

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Clues Answers
“Decongest” suffix ION
“Quit it!” STOP
“What’s more…” AND
1940 Disney classic FANTASIA
Balladeer’s instrument LUTE
Beast like Shrek OGRE
Become a member of JOIN
Boot tip TOECAP
Common tree ELM
Consult SEE
Dance of Hawaii HULA
Directed to the center INWARD
Dirty coat in a chimney SOOT
Dressed in finery ARRAY
Fuel gas METHANE
Give to temporarily LEND
Having a rhythmic beat CADENT
Having a thin, ringing sound TINNY
Implore or persuade URGE
Invisible quality around a person AURA
Lawless state ANARCHY
Like Broadway lights NEON
Like word-of-mouth advertising ORAL
Male turkey TOM
Memorial of stone MONUMENT
Money to spend CASH
Mouse catcher TRAP
Ms. Yoko ONO
Nero’s eggs OVA
Not a blvd. or st AVE
Not exciting at all DRAB
Not moving STILL
Part of a lobster TAIL
Part of a shark FIN
Part of a window SASH
Person renting an apartment TENANT
Person your age with your interests PEER
Place renting rooms INN
Place to sail SEA
Possessed in one’s hands HELD
Prefix with smoking NON
Primary followers RUNOFFS
Regular customer HABITUE
Remove fruit skin PARE
Seasickness feeling NAUSEA
Shade or color HUE
Sharp cry YELP
Small, jumping amphipod crustacean SANDHOPPER
Sneaky SLY
Super Bowl or 100-yard dash EVENT
Take care of (with “to”) TEND
Toast spread JAM
Tolstoy novel, “___ Karenina” ANNA
Twinkler high in the sky STAR
Type of bread RYE
Type of sports replay SLOWMOTION
Very fashionable CHIC
Vicinity AREA
Victory start? VEE
Yes to a sailor AYE