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Family Time – Sep 3 2018

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Clues Answers
“… I ___, so off to work I go” OWE
“… with liberty and justice for ___” ALL
“Immediately!” NOW
“What ___ can I say?” ELSE
“Wheel of Fortune” category EVENT
“___ goes there?” WHO
0-star review PAN
A herring SHAD
A real stinger WASP
Abhorrence ODIUM
Animals in a skein GEESE
Army bed COT
Avian runner Down Under EMU
Away from one another APART
Bambi’s mom DOE
Best way to get it down PAT
Bread type RYE
Cabbagelike veggie KALE
Cheerleaders do it YELL
Doctoral candidate’s exam ORAL
Doing nothing IDLE
Fierce anger WRATH
Filed for future reference NOTED
George’s bill ONE
Held for a time HAD
Ice cream holder CONE
It might be up a creek CANOE
Jailbird CON
Last word of the golden rule YOU
Like some concerts OUTDOOR
Longing for Japanese money? YEN
Love to bits ADORE
Make an effort TRY
Marital kin INLAW
Metal-in-the-raw ORE
Not he SHE
Owner’s certificate DEED
Pleasant NICE
Psyche component EGO
Sailor’s milieu SEA
Scary word BOO
Show and ___ TELL
Stop-sign color RED
Take to the slopes SKI
Take up, as a hem ALTER
There’s much of this in Shakespeare ADO
Time-honored VENERABLE
Tool for working the soil HOE
Where to find baby food? BIB