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Family Time – Sep 30 2018

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Clues Answers
“… see how ___ run” THEY
“For ___ a jolly. . .” HES
“I’m ___ your scheme!” ONTO
“On the other hand …” BUT
“So there you ___!” ARE
.001 inch MIL
African bush areas VELDS
Be a king RULE
Became an author WROTE
Bursts, as a balloon POPS
By way of VIA
Bygone airline TWA
Canoe movers PADDLES
Chinese food sauce SOY
Choke on a joke? GAG
City in Switzerland LUCERNE
Clean, as clothes WASH
Clothing tag LABEL
Coast Guard alert SOS
Container top LID
Corn part COB
Cricket or ant BUG
Engine acceleration sound VROOM
Enlarged or got bigger GREW
Fancy-free? STAID
Female school principal HEADMISTRESS
Former catcher Rodriguez IVAN
Frat house P RHO
Give a massage RUB
Identify NAME
Important time periods ERAS
Infamous fiddling emperor NERO
Lasting lead-in? EVER
Length X width AREA
Marchetti of the Football Hall of Fame GINO
Mouselike rodent VOLE
Music blasters AMPS
New England housing type SALTBOX
New Mexico resort TAOS
Nocturnal birds with big eyes OWLS
Not plentiful at all RARE
Note on a music scale SOL
One of the Kennedys TED
Organ of vision EYE
Palo ___, California ALTO
Part of a tennis court NET
Personal emanation AURA
Pick up stakes UNPEG
Place for a 15-Across HILL
Positive answer YES
Provo is in it UTAH
Sandwich type with no bread WRAP
Sellers on the street VENDERS
Shrewd bartering (2 words) HORSETRADING
Slice, as meat CUT
Some degrees, briefly BAS
Take the title WIN
U-turn from good BAD
U-turn from none ALL
U-turn from young OLD
Unit of illumination LUX
Vehicle that goes down quickly SLED
Wet-dry ___ VAC
Winter fall SNOW
___ down (disappoint) LET
___ onto (seize) GLOM