Family Time – Sep 4 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Can” alternative MAY
“Hamlet” or “Oedipus Rex” TRAGEDY
“I guess so” YEAH
“I’m not but you ___” ARE
“I’m ___ going in there!” NOT
“Later” BYE
A bad thing to lose TEMPER
A+, for one GRADE
African antelope IMPALA
America’s bird EAGLE
Animal hide PELT
Biotech material DNA
Bird’s beak NIB
Broom’s target DUSTPAN
Capri attraction GROTTO
Chocoholic’s reply to “Want more chocolate?” YES
City st AVE
Coffee holder URN
Come inside ENTER
Competed in, as a race RAN
Condescend DEIGN
Country road LANE
Fishy sandwich filler TUNA
Formerly, to an old poet ERE
Freshman cadet PLEBE
From the beginning again ANEW
Gain courage (2 words) TAKEHEART
Green gem BERYL
Horse harness part BIT
Hotel feature SPA
Huge primate APE
Jewish religious figure RABBI
Legal excuse ALIBI
Like Clifford or Knuckles RED
Military structure FORT
Monopoly payment RENT
Mr. Incredible, to Dash DAD
Neuter SPAY
Noble tea name EARL
Not cooked RAW
Oceanlike body SEA
Operate, as a can opener USE
Partner of “ands” and “buts” IFS
Paul Bunyan’s blue ox BABE
Physician’s charges FEES
Pod veggie PEA
Prefix with “normal” PARA
Reef dweller EEL
Stack high PILE
The horizon’s shape ARC
Tinker Bell, e.g PIXIE
Type of nonsense UTTER
Understood, as a punchline GOT
Use your credit card SPEND
Very big LARGE
Villainous expression LEER
Walk ___ the forest INTO
Wedding-cake level TIER
Where a booster shot goes ARM
Wicked EVIL
Winter cap attachment FLAP
Yes, to a pirate AYE
You’re covered in it SKIN
___ of Liberty STATUE

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