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Family Time – Sep 6 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Et cetera” (3 words) ANDSOON
“Every child. One voice.” org PTA
“Ping” follower PONG
“Simple Simon ___ pieman” (2 words) META
“___ upon a time …” ONCE
A familiar name for someone MONIKER
A New York pro athlete MET
Absorb, with “up” SOP
Answer that permits YES
Back muscle, to a bodybuilder LAT
Be in poor health AIL
Bigheaded people have big ones EGOS
Birling surface LOG
Bone in the 46-Across PATELLA
Catchall abbreviation MISC
Caused to be behind schedule DELAYED
Character like Roger Rabbit TOON
Closes, as an envelope SEALS
Co. with many brown vehicles UPS
Come into a dock, as a ship MOOR
Does a doggie trick BEGS
Earn the first-place prize WIN
Earth’s satellite MOON
Femur-tibia connector KNEE
Forcefully throw off hot lava SPEW
Gentleman SIR
Go back, as to fix a mistake UNDO
Great place for yachting SEA
Grown dudes MEN
Hear, as a case TRY
Horses’ hair MANES
Hot brewed drink TEA
Individual song efforts SOLOS
Initial doctor’s visit, sometimes CONSULTATION
Instant grass SOD
It rotates on a truck AXLE
Lightbulb electrical units WATTS
Like overly moist bread SOGGY
Marsh area BOG
Mother ___ I? (kids’ game) MAY
Narrow valley between mountains GLEN
Not all there in Mexico? LOCO
Not barefoot SHOD
On a need-to-know ___ BASIS
Place for sheep to graze LEA
Places to see many stars PLANETARIUMS
Prefix for “bit” or “hertz” MEGA
Protection for 46-Across PAD
Put into words SAY
Repeating sound ECHO
Select OPT
Short order cook’s short order? BLT
Special ___ (elite military group, for short) OPS
Stitch something up SEW
Stooge with a bowl cut MOE
Street or avenue alternative ROAD
Texas-to-Maryland direction ENE
Thing on a smartphone screen ICON
TV show disturbers ADS
Warty amphibian TOAD
Watermelon waste unit SEED
With nothing blocking the way OPEN
Word after “parking” LOT
Words after “sleep” or “step” ONIT
World’s Fair, for one EXPO