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Family Time – Sep 7 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Family Time Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Help, quick! I’m sinking” SOS
“Or so it would ___” SEEM
“To ___ it mildly …” PUT
“___ Make a Deal” LETS
A Christian ritual BAPTISM
A Crayola color TAN
A final consequence or result DESTINY
Add to the sales force HIRE
Be depressed in the middle SAG
Black cattle breed ANGUS
Cause of an ink stain PEN
Chicken ___ king (2 words) ALA
Cote quote? BAA
Departing one GOER
Deteriorate ROT
Doctors for little people PEDIATRICIANS
Dot on a playing card PIP
Fine pursuits? ARTS
Fish that migrates up streams to spawn SHAD
Fishing platform PIER
Fork part TINE
Grade school commendation STAR
High single digit NINE
Huge homes with grounds ESTATES
Insectivorous flying mammal BAT
Intimidating sound from a lion ROAR
Kool-___ (popular beverage) AID
Length of existence AGE
Like a mechanic’s rag OILY
Made hems SEWED
Major part of a flower STEM
Make an acquisition GET
Marina fixture DOCK
Mind, body and ___ SOUL
Mythical medicines POTIONS
Not that much (2 words) ABIT
Not too bright PALE
One of a married couple MRS
One of the Disney dwarfs DOC
One of the Hawaiian Islands OAHU
Online revenue sources ADS
Opposite of “post-“ PRE
Owners with waiters RESTAURATEURS
People box in them RINGS
Phone purchase APP
Place for a portable computer LAP
President Lincoln’s boy TAD
Reaches across, as from point A to point B SPANS
Roomy transporter BUS
Sharpen by rubbing WHET
Sidestep, as a ball DODGE
Small part of a molecule ATOM
Some citrus fruits LIMES
Some game in the woods ELKS
Some insects ANTS
Suffix for “act” ION
Tennis shoe insert LACE
Therapeutic pool locale SPA
They have names and photos IDS
Thin woodwind OBOE
Tranquil rest EASE
Unnamed others, briefly ETAL
Wooden hat-holder PEG
Words of negativity NOS
___ of the above NONE
___-friendly (easy to operate) USER