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Family Time – Sep 9 2018

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Clues Answers
”Holy moly!” EGAD
”Malcolm in the Middle” dad HAL
”___ to leap tall buildings” ABLE
1984 Spielberg film GREMLINS
90-degree letter ELL
Ace or phenom WHIZ
Admire LIKE
Aspen activity SKI
Athletic center GYM
Bad thing to cause HARM
Be a fibber LIE
Biceps’ place ARM
Bigger than big HUGE
Blooming loop from Hawaii LEI
Bone picture XRAY
Chills and fever symptom AGUE
Clean and orderly NEAT
Conclude END
Country person in stereotypes RUBE
Debt letters IOU
Does not exist ISNT
Early software version BETA
Egg colorer DYE
Enjoy a meal ATE
European mountain goat IBEX
Give off, as fumes EMIT
Go to stores SHOP
Had a seat SAT
Have a nice talk CHAT
Have dinner in a restaurant DINE
Hot anger IRE
Island group east of Fiji TONGA
Lady’s companion GENT
Lease for a time RENT
Look ___ (visit briefly) (2 words) INON
Lowest female voice ALTO
Lying adjacent to ABUTTING
Make a president ELECT
Maryland crustacean CRAB
Match audio with video SYNC
Neighbors of ulnae RADII
North Dakota-to-Georgia direction ESE
Oatmeal spoiler LUMP
One million years EON
Opposite of low HIGH
Places that 24-Down rooms INNS
Political influence CLOUT
Promise spread, e.g OLEO
Restless and irritable EDGY
Secluded valley GLEN
Sight a target AIM
Simple to solve EASY
Some remote batteries AAS
Sounds of disdain TUTS
Spirit or courage METTLE
Study hard CRAM
Thing to turn PAGE
Things to brush TEETH
To this point YET
Toy that can walk the dog YOYO
Unknown quote source, briefly ANON
Variety of alcohol ETHYL
Which person WHO
Wide, grassy field LEA
Widget GIZMO
___ end (movie-ending words) THE
___ moss PEAT