Financial Times – Feb 28 2018

Financial Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Feb 28 2018 

A bad egg dish for starter served with a medium port ROTTERDAM
Almost prevent sweetheart’s collapse KEELOVER
Be hesitant about watts needed for loudspeaker TWEETER
Cleansing procedure riles one swimming in Channel STERLISATION
Disparage weak summary RUNDOWN
Engaged in a fight ABOUT
Expert flipping lid becomes crazy CRACK POT
He composed Ring resulting in pitched battle BORODINO
Liberal Democrat consumed by shame? No sadly HANDSOME
Notice car on street before helping management ADMINISTRATION
Officer in charge gets stomach pain COLIC
One bird or another needing weight not power PIGEON
One is packing guns? That’s for mugs STEINS
Perhaps wolf prowled striking bird on a hill PREDATOR
Playing role cad cries to fake grief CROCODILE TEARS
Retiring salesman’s eating fish a kipper SLEEPER
Second on pitch son means to walk tall? STILTS
She advises social worker to house a young criminal AGONY AUNT
Stand-up comic that may be required to clean up DUST PAN
They’ve stopped working on island with spades RETIREES
Thoracic adaptation partly identifies insect CICADA
Tiresome scribbler finally stops drawing TRYING
Tom has healthy advantage PROFIT
Very quickly approve of appreciative audience? LIKE THE CLAPPERS
With tedious repetition suggesting clue for a rye a rye? YEAR IN YEAR OUT

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