Financial Times – Mar 10 2018

Financial Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions РMar 10 2018

Clues Answers
15 in the future will occupy Mars employing nanobots initially WOMEN
A ring arrested in hustling and vice prevention AVOIDANCE
Attempt articles in two languages and fail GOUNDER
Beam cut at near edge to make post AFTER
Beckoned single lad nervously SIGNALLED
Changing form Sir glad he gets trustworthy pupils HEADGIRLS
Characters linger around to keep dry before end of deluge LETTERING
Checkout assistant perhaps primarily serves one packing containers SCANNER
Defeated politician (bridge player) in poker game STUMPED
Dirty power tool to repair coastal structure BLACKPOOL TOWER
Foreign troops once forced to capture king within year in Revolution RED ARMY
Honest post UPRIGHT
I’m surprised about learner driver being magnificent LORDLY
Introduction to philosophy penned by French author for academic world CAMPUS
Lines eg spider’s woven to trap insects at the centre PEDIGREES
Male boring this ground is manual worker SMITH
March in exercise that’s upwards trudge TRAMP
Mature and frail peeing regularly RIPEN
Offering journalists front and back of issue PRESSIE
Prohibit aluminium for flat BANAL
River leaving the capital is brown UMBER
Rogue insider has to admit pinching expired items from bakery DANISH PASTRIES
Shown around lake of French region PROVENCAL
Signs small fish is coming to the surface OMENS
Slaver keeping Australian native in confines of domicil DROOL
Squadron is body that’s not totally complete CORPS
Stationery’s worthless stuff returned note with report of damage PAPERWARE
Toiled lifting painting a devil to shift TRAVAILED
Vessel everyone backed to cut piracy at sea CAPILLARY
Welcoming duck coop provided with protection OPEN-ARMED

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