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Financial Times – Mar 12 2018

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Financial Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 12 2018 

Clues Answers
A cat that’s very small ATOM
Bed to deteriorate after time in country home COTTAGE
Catch out Tory leader and remove TRIPUP
Charlie’s full name CALL
Claire the doctor is dissident HERETICAL
Cleaner working for ferry operator CHARON
Discharge from old drain cut EXEMPT
Drinks held dear in French coaches TEACHERS
Edit novel about probe DELVEINTO
Fly high? Sounds painful! SOAR
Fortune tellers scathing about Oscar TAROT
Fraudulent enterprises around game RACKETS
Girl’s supporter about to expire BRENDA
Give gear out? That’ll cause distress! AGGRIEVE
Health hazard creates fuss among sailors RADON
Hose gets Kitty in an awkward situation TIGHTSPOT
Judge returned hand tool to prospector EXAMINER
Manager protects a number showing emaciation BONINESS
Nobleman arrives in New York? Almost! NEARLY
Partiality gets me in post improperly NEPOTISM
Promised to be occupied ENGAGED
Proofreader’s mark shows concern with the letter “t” CARET
Quiet about passion for case SHEATH
Reckoning to eat fowl – part of the breast STERNUM
Smirk when taking in this month in Irish province LEINSTER
Soldier gets drink for correspondent REPORTER
The first person in the body of the church is unworldly NAIVE
Tumbler has cook taking drug BEAKER
Turning point for country evangelist LANDMARK
Type of pottery made with Barium compound BASALT
Winger in a last-minute switch ALTERNATE
Wooden handle DEAL