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Financial Times – Mar 14 2018

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Financial Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 14 2018 

Clues Answers
Basque maybe one of French woman’s first in the end UNDERWEAR
Boy from the coalfields ALFIE
Check visitor’s pass TICKET
Collected and drank tequila shot left by dike TRANQUIL
Cut short debate about event DISCUS
Daryl or Gordon? Either way HANNAH
Decides code RULES
Deriding writer who’s posed with flower on table top SATIRIST
Does holding 28s create a point to settle? DECIDER
Drawing catechism out SCHEMATIC
Family members that may be kept in order SISTERS
Foresaw heart of supreme artist returning PRESAGED
Get to quarter final without exception REACH
Hammerstein’s ceremony? OSCARS
Hustle danced in Marple maybe SLEUTH
Implement move on horse SCISSORS
In favour of appropriate gains PROFIT
Increasing knowledge of consumption overwhelms French noble EDUCATING
Old theatre constrained by extremely exuberant turn out EVICT
Opportunist ultimately lost in court CHANCER
Possibility of directing dramatic society’s leading characters ODDS
Pressed uniform’s hard after rain storm IN A RUSH
Put up with bend in pipe HOUSE
Reaction to cooking chic meal CHEMICAL
Refusal to answer memo cannot avoid a disaster NO COMMENT
Singer retains support in southern capital ADELAIDE
Starts over with levers SURPRISES
Stop holding end of note for piano QUIET
Tamed Kate with daughter’s cunning SHREWD
Woman’s inheritance RITA
Works round application in footnote OPUSES
Yank collection of kids away from maniac – risked a beating AMERICANA