Financial Times – Mar 15 2018

Financial Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 15 2018 

Clues Answers
A French couple in rush needing fix? UNREPAIRED
Academic extremely early in isolated tourist attraction LANDON EYE
Approval covering thousand with yen for religious display SANCTIMONY
Challenge poster withdrawn by soldiers DARE
Charges up hitting roof because of this? PRICECONTROL
Class total must be sorted out no matter what ATALLCOSTS
Clue got piano mixed up? Sorry? No! UNAPOLOGETIC
Enter gulf abroad shining REFULGENT
Explain in more detail it’s complicated ELABORATE
Fast-moving warships FLEET
Father with court agreement PACT
Fighting fit fuss if at first cheeked at work FISTICUFFS
Genuine gold article not hollowed-out I see according to quote AUTHENTIC
Getting round resistance stores take on staff in this area SHROPSHIRE
It helps to restrain worked up editor – Rattigan’s about right DETERRENCE
King remains impetuous RASH
Nearly all meet our specifications tough initially MOST
Original version of sortie find it confused FIRST EDITION
Perform well in old Church by lake EXCEL
Praise twofold after reflection LAUD
Pushy person’s exaggerated publicity HYPE
Small traffic marker in Scottish location SCONE
Sound identical when female replaces male SAFE
Strange rare ills like Jack the Ripper say? SERIAL KILLER
The setter will be supported financially? Nothing in it! ILL-FOUNDED
Time with single woman alluring HOURI
Walking method used by the eland to endure HEEL-AND-TOE
Wall feature bringing daughter bother DADO

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