Financial Times – Mar 2 2018

Clues Answers
. . . and another turning cheek to bird PILCROW
A bad thing to do in Spain is idiotic ASININE
Casting lots vicar runs off with singer VOCALIST
Comeback by competitor stomaching middle of trite verse REVIVAL
Composer curtailed by a Hindu deity BRAHMA
Delirium dropping French compiler’s catalyst ENZYME
East German woman taken in by theologian’s trick DEFRAUD
Emulate Mo Farah given prune juice finally LOPE
Fallback option being given close consideration UNDERSTUDY
Fields infiltrating storeroom in jest PLEASANTRY
House of sex CONGRESS
Infectious article absorbed by country GERMANY
Jail’s not on __ it impedes genuine vengeance REPRISAL
Live amid lustre of drink outlet SHEBEEN
Look lasciviously around church being the type to do so LECHER
Man hurt by exploding popular fallacy URBAN MYTH
Month during which right to security’s shredded JULIENNE
One bound for Hell’s second circle on board SINNER
Pay to keep kings outside City’s ruins WRECKAGE
Principal part of metal LEAD
Provide opportunities for the Spanish poison to rise ENABLE
Rocker can wreck rail CORNCRAKE
Southern playwright embracing actress finally __ she’s unattached SPINSTER
Stiff __ right away gets wood COPSE
Supporter meeting end of dog’s tooth FANG
Tries out interrupting request for printer’s mark . . . ASTERISK
Wader getting into Garibaldi biscuits IBIS
Waif suddenly moving both ends missing URCHIN
Wife’s brand of courage DUTCH
Woman with pain in both sides RACHEL
Write online about a hundred heartlessly killed by depression BLACKDOG
Youthful Robespierre initially incorruptible? VERNAL

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