Financial Times – Mar 3 2018

Clues Answers
3 Mother I see with leg misplaced in dance EIGHTSOMEREEL
A welcoming invitation that could make me get busy BE MY GUEST
Being unfaithful maybe in bed? LYING
Bounder outside home upsetting dog? CANID
Bulb operating something electrically charged ONION
Call admissions of debt suspicious DUBIOUS
Deduce number avoiding hell INFER
Fan to drink Guinness? SUPPORTER
Faulty detectives going wrong way – what can help sort out problem? DICKEY
Groups about to go round political zone as officials STEWARDS
It’s not easy at Oxford say being unable to make ends meet HARDUP
Led by good old wife heavy drinkers wander off GOWALKIES
Member Irish about to become a star RIGEL
Monster fish may be caught with this TROLL
Nutshell rotten not hard – one is empty NULLSET
Old books on desert traveller in ideal location CAMELOT
Open not secret with the leader gone OVERT
Philosopher to arrive on the scene? About time! COMTE
Place of worship without tower or spire not in the Anglo-Catholic style LOWCHURCH
Pole meeting journalist sat down PERCHED
Report of fire in passage with rubbish going through? CHUTE
Scotsman in the East End member of a sect AMISH
Shiny peas to be sorted out requiring ridiculous amount of wasted effort SISYPHEAN
Soldiers in rearguard action getting respect DEFERENCE
Spooner’s authentic furniture material that may come with a cost POUND SIGN
Think out loud where to put the horses? MEWS
Top country embracing the start of liberalism splendidly CAPITALLY
Up-to-date style for which dimmer son is ill-suited MODERNISM
Volunteers smart start to supervise wine events? TASTINGS
Wee sound from a bell TINKLE
Young bird and small seal in sound CYGNET

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