Financial Times – Mar 6 2018

Financial Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 6 2018 

Clues Answers
A pretence nothing less in part of church APSE
A university engaged by work of Rodin’s a relic from the past? DINOSAUR
Ambassador with PM is for transforming present section of world HEMISPHERE
By the sound of it restrain language of an East European CZECH
Discourage protest with link about tax DEMOTIVATE
Drink with thanks announced? A delicious drink NECTAR
Emphasise symptom of work pressure STRESS
English sailor amid cooked lunches getting something for tea? CHELSEABUN
Exchange airless Wapping houses SWAP
Exercise over after being enveloped by a fantastic fog PEA-SOUPER
Fake element among tigers at zoo ERSATZ
Family member that is hosted by northern Anglicans NIECE
Find in the morning out of bed retired Argentinian rugby player PUMA
Gloss right away to fade VANISH
Here female sport is played for those with titles? PEER OF THE REALM
Ignore book and hightail it? BRUSHOFF
Means of recording mostly feeble light TAPE
Place for fuel frequented by students? TUCKSHOP
Plants cultivated in strip in Devon town BARNSTAPLE
Praise group just outside the medal positions we’re told SETFORTH
Pretext to cut recreation by 50 per cent PLEA
Report showing western observance on the rise? WRITEUP
Resounding sound in city house ECHO
Something brewed by singer that’s instructive type TEACHER
Tart before wine recalled by son in Low Country area FLANDERS
Term at school about it produces merriment HILARITY
US student hopes possibly to accept award by soldiers SOPHOMORE
Way of working with loose policeman on a prairie? MOUNTIE
What could be suitable behind plug with leads to other receivers? ADAPTOR

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