Financial Times – Mar 7 2018

Financial Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 7 2018 

Clues Answers
About to get in there and study Romeo’s play THE CARETAKER
Area right inside planet’s infernal regions AVERNUS
Asian runner in French south retired INDUS
Author at Ephesus discontented seeks household god PENATES
Band composer requires an organ case RIBCAGE
Bond I’d play now and then in unusual fashion ODDLY
Capitalist’s banking on old money that’s obsolete EXTINCT
Change of heart for parrot with sailor in taxi MINICAB
City worker going through map book endlessly ATLANTA
Come together in lake shipping gallons MERGE
Conductor having died caused upset RATTLED
Cunning Italian author pens note in style ART DECO
Do myth differently – enquire within for dramatist THOMASKYD
Elizabeth’s favourite beer in privilege curtailed RALEIGH
Foul residue covers irrational tragedian EURIPIDES
Hooded killer from Royal Horse Artillery KING COBRA
Ideal spot as sullied Tempter at last having entered? PARADISE LOST
In at core working hours for speed of response REACTION TIME
Painter sends second one to bottom caught in sinking ship TITANIC
Person in saddle having slim advantage? ONE-UP
Pineapple class to admit unmarried chaps GRENADE
Pressman after dance becomes contorted TWISTED
Shakespearean character’s men get nothing ORLANDO
Showgirl Kay exploding with energy in film WHISKY GALORE
Silver mesh installed in second generator MAGNETO
Spirit delivers one from pain and hunger PANACHE
Subject is Gable: Tortured Artist ALGEBRA
Whereof perhaps as I long a time’s recalled internally? NOSTALGIA

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