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Financial Times – Mar 8 2018

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Financial Times Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 8 2018 

Clues Answers
Asserted nothing in failing Democrat VOICED
Avoid aunt partly upset PLAYTRUANT
Behind our paper on article AFT
Bushy hair brushed back – our delight ENAMOUR
Cask one with coloured top TUNIC
China in place or out of place? PORCELAIN
Does picking up tilt bottle? DECANTER
Down with p-pork pies in stores SUPPLIES
E’er daring happily I pulled the pin on mine GRENADIER
Far from dense son to analyse clue say SPARSE
Fellow developing mare right? FARMER
French abandoning mad lark ANTIC
Get rid of Slough SHED
He scores recycling bin after emptying tons COMPOSER
Keep end in Pyrrhic victory say OWN GOAL
Legislation about what’s on Russian cars – an Arctic beast WALRUS
Military stronghold in favour of lock FORTRESS
One finds no crank on this chair ROCKER
One paddles in this ocean surprisingly CANOE
Open a real easy crate? AEROPLANE
Pass is in Virginia VISA
Plonked among glossy material SATIN
Recipe with pic strangely making you gorge PRECIPICE
Sauce spout LIP
Small brownie that is making photo SELFIE
Starting to tempt spirit of half hybrid TANGELO
Test pressure on the French precedent EXAMPLE
This ground could be the source of stimulating stuff COFFEE BEAN
Thrust round old gathering spot for lizards? LOUNGE
Top Crimean flip-flopping power IMPORTANCE
Where cutlery may be is up for discussion ON THE TABLE
Who fixes the roof with extra line for turning handle? TULLER