The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,445 – Mar 1 2018

Clues Answers
Beaten miner agreed with the police GENDARMERIE
Buffet always includes dairy product FETA
Bullets containing iron used by tribal leader in hard-fought battle SLUGFEST
Cloth covering unacceptable stew RAGOUT
Composition for soprano working with Australian tenor and alto SONATA
Crafty poet married Iris MORRIS
Difficult universal and timeless tale is deceptive ILLUSORY
Dish found in scenery outside Globe SORBET
Flipping badger eating root of brassica plant YARROW
Heartless publisher to get rid of French author PROUST
Italian woman cautious about wine CHARDONNAY
Juicy drink LUSH
Mate taking money into shelter COPULATE
Clues Answers
Minor embracing exercise is not in good shape WARPED
Old German revolutionary tucked into dish of fruit POMEGRANATE
Oscar trophy found in tin by actor’s third tenant OCCUPANT
Philosopher stops working to get hold of Socrates’ second book DIOGENES
Pole in charge of sticky stuff MASTIC
Pout about extremely expensive hair product TOUPEE
Problems in editions? ISSUES
Real centre of democracy on Greek island CONCRETE
Save soldiers with special signal RESCUE
Setter leaving injured American’s treatment for bruises ARNICA
Ski lodge in Switzerland rented out after the beginning of April CHALET
Unpleasant character found by retired cops merrymaking in empty clink CLEVERDICK
Work hard on a new catchphrase SLOGAN

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